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Fri, 29 July 2011

I.O.I. Ombudsman News 3/2011

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Tragic events in Norway

I.O.I. representatives have reacted to the tragic events in Norway expressing their solidarity. In communications to the Norwegian Ombudsman and member of the European I.O.I. Board Arne Fliflet I.O.I. President Beverley Wakem, I.O.I. Secretary General Dr. Peter Kostelka and Regional-Vice-President Rafael Ribó expressed on behalf of the entire ombudsman community  their deep sympathy.

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BULGARIA: Ombudsman recommends criminalisation of homophobic offences

The Ombudsman recently recommended that offences against the person and discriminatory acts where homophobia is the main motivation be criminalised. He underscores that in most EU Member States' legislations, homophobia is an aggravating circumstance or a constituent element of the offence.

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KOREA: ACRC wins UN award for innovative communication with citizens

The Korean I.O.I. member ACRC recently received an UN award for "Advancing Knowledge Management in Government" for its "e-People" tool. This integrated online portal deals with civil complaints and proposals regarding central and local governments and public organizations. The average number of daily visitors is about 100,000.

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