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Betreff: Ombudsman News 12/2013

Fri, 22 March 2013

Ombudsman News 12/2013

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IOI EUROPE/SPAIN: Seminar on human right to gender identity

The Ombudsman of the Basque Country (“Ararteko”) and the European Region of the IOI jointly organize a seminar on “The Right to Gender Identity and Affective-Sexual Diversity. Challenges for Equality” in order to foster reflection and dialogue about the human rights to gender identity and sexual orientation.

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POLAND: Inaugural meeting of the Visegrad Group

An inaugural meeting of the “Visegrad Group (V4) and Western Balkans Expert Network” on the rule of law and fundamental rights was held in Warsaw on the 12-13th March 2013.

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UK/Northern Ireland: Issue 6 of the Ombudsman Case Digest

The Office of the Ombudsman of Northern Ireland published its case digest for the month of March 2013. The digest is available for download.

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UKRAINE: Right to pension for persons serving a sentence

Proceedings of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights in petitions of citizens serving their sentences in places of deprivation of liberty prove massive violations of their rights to pension, particularly with regard to disability pension.

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CZECH REPUBLIC: Ombudsman visits facilities for seniors

The Ombudsman started visits of facilities for seniors. His research reveals that three quarters of regional facilities for seniors write on their websites that they will not admit persons treated for a mental disease (including dementia) or people who had problems with alcohol sometimes in their life.

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GIBRALTAR: Public Services Ombudsman introduces Skype™ support

Further to the launch of its redesigned website in September 2011, the Public Services Ombudsman of Gibraltar is now pleased to announce that it is expanding its service facilities by introducing Skype™ support.

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