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Betreff: Ombudsman News 02/2013

Fri, 11 January 2013

Ombudsman News 02/2013

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REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA: Ombudsman re-elected

The parliament of the Republic of Macedonia re-elected Mr. Ixhet Memeti as Ombudsman of the Republic of Macedonia.

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CHRAGG/IOI: project on enhancement of good governance planned

The Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance of Tanzania (CHRAGG) plans to organize a capacity building seminar on transparency, good governance and the rule of law in Tanzania.

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HUNGARY: report on community employment published

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary examined the constitutional aspects of getting into and getting out of community employment programs. The report also reveals the constitutional problems related to the payment of the wages of persons in community employment and the lack of adequate guarantees set by labour law regulations.

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