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Betreff: Ombudsman Daily News, 5 February 2013



Ombudsman Daily News, 5 February 2013



Dear Josef Siegele,

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Latest news from the Network

      EUROPE: The Court marks the 50th anniversary of the judgment in Van Gend en Loos

      United Kingdom - England: TfL wrongly told van drivers to change their vehicles, says Ombudsman

      Hungary: Safeguards against arbitrary practice of local governments - the Ombudsman on the redrafting of regulations on sanctioning anti-social behavior

      Hungary: The Ombudsman’s Petition to the Constitutional Court on the Hungarian Academy of Arts

      Spain: El Defensor al Día nº 84 (febrero): Balance 2012

      Austria: Langwieriger Turnsaalausbau: Kritik an Behörden


Latest discussions in the Forum

·                   Ombudsmen's mandates and working methods / Communication

o                  Social media (4 February 2013) - 25 messages

·                    Ombudsmen's mandates and working methods / Legal basis and mandate

o                  Questionnaire Competence (4 February 2013) - 14 messages

·                   Ombudsmen's mandates and working methods / Communication

o                  Communication strategies of ombudsman offices (1 February 2013) - 1 message

·                    Subject matters of inquiries / Human rights

o                  Pension cuts (30 November 2012) - 4 messages

·                    Subject matters of inquiries / Health and social security

o                  Right of patient to a health documentation (23 November 2012) - 7 messages


Latest publications in the Library

      Spain (Catalonia): Informe Autoridad Catalana para la Prevención de la Tortura 2012 (22 January 2013)

      Spain (Catalonia): Informe sobre los derechos del niño 2012 (22 January 2013)

      Sweden: Report for the period 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012 (11 December 2012)



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